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Involved projects

These are things I actively develop and maintain. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding them.

  • libharu - free PDF creation library
  • libspindle - tiny C library providing thread pooling capabilities
  • Pinba - monitoring and statistics server/MySQL storage engine
  • Pinba nginx module - client module for gathering stats from multiple nginx servers
  • PHP - at some point of time I used to be quite active contributor of PHP and I still do it from time to time
  • libelli - High level elliptic curve cryptography library

PHP extensions


Most of these things were originally created by other people, but I decided to fork them in order to fix or add a feature or two. I don't really maintain them actively as long as they work for me.

Pidgin modules

PHP extensions

  • ffmpeg-php - PHP extensio for video editing using ffmpeg libs
  • eaccelerator - PHP accelerator fork with some performance/stability improvements and several feature additions


  • libsifthess - simple SIFT algorithm implementation in a form of library
  • sqface - face detection library
  • gpasman - GTK-based password manager, extremely simple, but handy